Fundació Ferran Angulo · Prevention and Promotion of Mental Health

The Fundació Ferran Angulo is an organisation that engages in the prevention and promotion of mental health for people of all ages through clinical care and ongoing training for professionals in cooperation with teachers from international and interdisciplinary teams.

Social program

This program is aimed at families so that their economy is not a difficulty to access diagnosis and treatment privately. Rates adapt to the possibilities of each family.

The Units


  • Prevention and the Promotion of Mental Health
  • Diagnostic and Psychotherapy Unit
  • Psychosis Psychotherapeutic Treatment Unit
  • Care to developmental disorders in children aged 0 to 5 years and their families
  • Perinatal Psychology Unit
  • Psychodrama Unit
  • Video Intervention Unit

Teaching Unit

Research Unit

The Foundation

History and Objectives

The Fundació Ferran Angulo was created in 1990 as a common project between professionals involved in the field of mental health and professionals from the business world who were interested in helping to promote quality clinical practices in mental health that could reach the population easily. It also promoted specialised training at international level that could be accessed easily by professionals in Catalonia and in the rest of Spain. Consecutive interpreting was used to ensure that language was not a barrier to learning.


The Fundació Ferran Angulo is an organisation that is dedicated to:
  • The prevention and promotion of mental health.
  • Clinical assistance in psychiatry and psychology by means of diagnosis and drug and psychotherapy treatment of psychological illness in people of any age.
  • Post-graduate and ongoing training in the areas of psychiatry, clinical psychology, psychosomatic care and mental health in general, providing training courses in psychopathology and in psychotherapeutic techniques and working days addressing specific topics and featuring the participation of European expert speakers in different topics.
  • The conduct of research projects related to mental health.
  • Based on interdisciplinary teamwork and networking developed in the framework of public health as a model for good practice in psychiatry and prevention in mental health with the cooperation and exchange of training experiences with European teams.
  • It is comprised of three units: Clinical, Teaching and Research.